Sunday, December 04, 2005

Paris, Day 1

Flew all night, wandered around in a daze waiting for my hotel room to become available. Choucroute with Jarret de Porc at Brasserie Lipp for lunch, followed by Pierre Hermé Mille Feuille with Caramel for dessert. Hotel's "internet access" is a computer in the lobby with a little stool, 5 euros for 15 minutes. No thanks, McDonalds's has free wifi (or at least for the price of a soda...) so here I am talking to Debbie on Skype and posting this.

Photos tomorrow, I promise!

Update: After my McDonalds internet session, I wandered over to the Marais, and had a falafel on the street on the Rue des Rosiers, followed by a tarte aux pommes at a very nice bakery/café not far from there a bit later. This morning, I'm at a cafe near the Opéra, where I found some random wifi.