Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ghandi Redux

My previous post about Ghandi, the Indian restaurant on Bainbridge Island, wasn't very complimentary. Michael, who works there, commented that the food and service had improved, so we gave it another try.

Now that they keep the place clean, the space is pleasant, nicer than a lot of Indian restaurants. Another thing I like is that they have a good selection of northwest microbrews, rather than just the usual Indian lagers. Whether I like the food still depends on what I order. I've liked the spinach with paneer, the koftas, the pakoras, and the samosas. The tandoori is not bad, but I still wish they wouldn't put cooked onions on top--they make it a little sweet and sticky. Twice now I've gotten Naan that was undercooked (i.e. the dough was raw), so that's something they need to work on.

If you're in the Bay Area, Ajanta in Berkeley is my favorite sit-down Indian restaurant, and Vik's is great for a snack or informal lunch.