Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ghandi on Madison Ave., Bainbridge Island

I had high hopes when an Indian restaurant opened on the island. This place is upstairs at the Pavilion (where the movie theater is). Summary: nasty, nasty, nasty. Italian frozen mixed vegetables with tomato sauce poured from the bag into the tandoori, "because people like vegetables." Ick, ick, ick! We also had baigun bharta (sp?), which was insipid. Service was lame. If you're going to have an "open kitchen," at least clean up after yourself, for god's sake.

UPDATE October, 2005: We went back. They still put that yutz on the tandoori. Either don't order tandoori or ask for no vegetables. Some of the curries are OK, like the Saag Paneer (which they call something else). The samosas are not bad. The kitchen could still use a little tidying.