Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Good, Cheap Lunch in Fremont

Pontevecchio is a pretty good Sicilian restaurant in the Fremont district of Seattle (on N. 34th st.) What the reviews I've seen don't tell you is that you can walk up to the window on the sidewalk and get a calzone and a soda for $5. The filling is usually meat sauce. The meat sauce is a nice rich brown sauce made with ground beef and lots of rosemary, and not too much tomato. The shell is nice and crisp on top, with greasy goodness oozing out of the sides. They also usually have a nice looking baked pasta, which I never get because the calzone is so good and stays reasonably hot during my walk back to the office. (If the people who designed the office complex which houses Adobe across the street hadn't been such morons, they could have made the plaza in front a nice place to eat lunch, but there's really no comfortable place to sit. Move along, you!)

Update, November 2005: They remodeled the restaurant, and jacked up the price of the calzone to $7! Still a pretty good deal, but not quite what it was.