Monday, October 10, 2005

Mor Mor Bistro

We had lunch at Mor Mor Bistro in Poulsbo today. It had been recommended by some friends.

The interior is a bit uninspired--it looks like it was done without any professional design help. The service was fine, nothing to complain about. We started by sharing an "artisinal meat and cheese platter." I guess everything was decent enough--it comes with a few slices of mostly hard cheese, a couple of slices of salami and coppa and another meat product I didn't recognize. I had a Caesar Salad, which was not much better than you get at the Sizzler--the lettuce was almost chiffonaded, which I don't like in a Caesar Salad (and really isn't what it's supposed to be), and maybe not as pristine as it should be. The dressing was a bit on the boring side--I like it punchy and full of anchovies. I thought the parmesan cheese was perhaps grated too finely (they probably used a Microplane grater). It should have a bit of texture. The croutons were rock-hard. They did use mostly hearts of romaine, which is a plus--the sizzler uses the whole head. Next, I had a burger with their "famous" parmesan fries. The burger was pleasant enough, good slices of bacon and cheese, but perhaps nothing to write home about. The "famous" fries were just mediocre french fries with parmesan cheese grated on top, maybe too late to get it all melted. Debbie had three-cheese ravioli, which were OK, but not much better than what you'd get in the refrigerator section at Safeway. The sauce was a bit uninteresting.

All in all, a bit disappointing, nothing objectionable but nothing particularly inspiring either, and probably not worth the drive to Poulsbo. Maybe dinner is better (which happens at some restaurants, where the B-team makes lunch.)