Monday, September 26, 2005

Triple Door

Last night we saw Rickie Lee Jones at the Triple Door, which is a supper club located underneath Wild Ginger, with mostly the same food as upstairs. The interior is as nice as any club I've been to--seating for around 300, arranged in booths, tables, and long wavy counters. We were seated at a table for two near the back (we didn't arrive until just before 6pm), but the view was excellent. I don't think there are any bad seats in the house.

We started off with pot stickers and a couple of Cambodian beef satays. The pot stickers are filled with a chicken mixture, and have a pleasant wrapper that is brown and crisp on the bottom. The satay came with a mango dipping sauce, along with the usual pickled vegetables. For entrees we shared the Wild Ginger Fragant Duck, which is served with steamed buns and a sticky plum sauce. The duck was very tender and quite flavorful. We also had Phoenix and Dragon, which was a very mild green curry with prawns, scallops, and what appeared to be pickled lime quarters, which had the texture of little eggplant with crisper skin. For dessert we shared a molten chocolate lava cake, which is alleged to be infused with wasabi and ginger, but all I really tasted was chocolate.

Apparently Rickie Lee Jones insisted that there be no service during the show, so everything had to be ordered and served before the show started. They couldn't even have a drink service, so everyone was stacking up their drinks. (I had a half-bottle of Zin for the show.) Given the hard deadline of getting everyone fed basically all at once, the staff performed admirably and with good cheer.

Rickie started playing around 7:20pm. She played solo, about half at the piano and half standing and playing a guitar. The set started out with Magazine, and finished off with Satellites. The show ran about 1.5 hours. It could have been longer--we enjoyed it very much, but I've been a fan ever since I saw her play "Chuck E's In Love" and "Coolsville" on Saturday Night Live, back in 1979. There was also a 9:00pm show.

My only complaint was that sometimes the food could have been a little hotter. I wonder whether it's coming from upstairs at Wild Ginger, or whether they have a separate kitchen for the club. All in all, I think it was the most pleasant popular music show I've ever been to--good food, great music, comfortable space, good sound (though Rickie kept complaining about excessive high frequencies).