Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Araucanas or Ameraucanas, or something

Araucanas are a breed of chicken known for their colored eggs. The eggs are usually shades of green or blueish-green. I've also heard of lavender eggs, though that might be a farmyard legend, because I've never seen a picture of one. A few months ago we got some araucana chicks from Bay Hay and Feed. We didn't know what exact shade of egg color we'd get from them, until yesterday, when we got our first green egg.

Araucana Egg

Poking around the breed pages, it looks like we have either Ameraucanas or what the breed-club people would call "mongrels," but I usually find breed-club people to be very silly. (Have you ever seen a true breed-standard Siamese cat, with the tiny head?) The egg color got washed out in this photo:

Araucana Chicken and Egg