Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sri Chinmoy Has a Posse

Silence-Heart-Nest is a vegetarian restaurant in the Fremont district, run by disciples of Sri Chinmoy. The servers are nice middle-aged women wearing saris. I avoid things like "bacon" that doesn't contain pork and other faux-food products, so I tried the "Center of the Universe Scramble", which was eggs, mushrooms, spinach, and jack cheese, served with dry toast and home fries. The eggs were decent, a bit on the dry and flaccid side, needed salt, nothing to write home about. The mushrooms and especially the onions could have been cooked a lot longer and more slowly and gotten more caramelized. The potatoes were spiced with something vaguely south-asian, though not very assertive, and were pretty good. Maybe if I go back I should try something off of the lunch menu instead...but not a "B"LT.