Saturday, July 16, 2005

Moonstruck in Portland

On our Portland roadtrip, we stopped in at Moonstruck Chocolate Café on NW 23rd Ave. Even though it was not exactly hot chocoloate weather, we shared two kinds of hot chocolate (they have about 8), the Mayan, with cinnamon, and Ocumarian, which was a rich, dark chocolate with a touch of chile pepper. The Mayan was pleasant enough, but the Ocumarian was amazing--there was just enough chile to give it a slight hot undertone sort of like that sharpness you get with very dark chocolate amplified just a bit. We also took away some of their truffles, and a Chile Variado chocolate bar. The Ocumarian truffle was like the hot chocolate, but I thought the chocolate bar overdid the chile a bit.


We brought home an English Garden truffle collection to save for an opportune moment, but the kids (now returned from summer camp) browbeat us into sharing it.