Thursday, July 07, 2005

Garlic Party

The Persephone Farms CSA to which we belong had a garlic-cleaning party last night on the farm in Indianola. People brought mostly garlic-heavy potluck dishes to share. Debbie made chicken with olives, saffron, preserved lemons, and of course garlic--elephant garlic from last week's Persephone Farms share--yum!
Garlic needs to be clean before it's dried out for storage, or it will rot. We all sat around in a big circle, about two dozen of us, yakked and drank wine and ate each other's food, and peeled off the outer, dirty layers of the garlic, revealing the nice white clean inner portion. We cleaned a lot of garlic--at least three different kinds plus some elephant garlic. Some portion of the garlic bulbs were "rejects": they had either little bit of rot at the stem end or exposed cloves, so they weren't going to store well. Unfortunately I failed to bring my camera to photograph the beautiful bundles of just-cleaned garlic, and the good time that was had by all. Here is a picture of some "rejects" that we got to take home:
They'll need to be used in the next few weeks, but I think we're up to the challenge.