Friday, September 09, 2005

Phở in Seattle

There are many Phở restaurants in Seattle. We'd tried several before finding an acceptable one. The one in the Pike Place market that Tom Douglas recommended in his cookbook was very mediocre. Phở Bac on Jackson is on a lot of "best of" lists, but I was underwhelmed--the phở was a bit flavorless. Good gỏi cuốn though. The Chinese restaurant in the Pavilion on Bainbridge serves something resembling phở at weekday lunch, but it's just not what I was looking for. Last weekend we finally had some good phở at a place that we picked at random, which turned out to be part of a huge international chain: Phở Hoa at 618 S. Weller St. in the International District. I had Phở Tái, Nạm, Gân Sách, which contains steak, flank, tendon, and tripe. The plate of veggies was a little skimpy (just bean sprouts and basil). The broth was good and flavorful. The spring rolls (gỏi cuốn) were not the best I've ever had.