Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Let's Go to the Pub for a Pint!

When I was younger, I spent some time with some friends who live in Glasgow. Pretty much every activity was followed by the suggestion, "let's go to the pub for a pint," which we did. The pub we usually went to was right around the corner, though sometimes we went to the pub a little farther away, which was at the forefront of the nascent (20 years ago) "real ale" movement. I assume by now most pubs in Scotland serve "real ale." One thing we didn't do much of at the pub was eat; the food was not very good.

To this day, Debbie and I will say to each other, in a bad imitation of a Scottish accent, "let's go to the pub for a pint," but now we end up at the Harbour Pub, which is right above Eagle Harbor in the town formerly known as Winslow, now downtown Bainbridge Island. It has lovely views of the harbor and out to Seattle beyond, and a fairly large deck for sitting outside during nice weather (though they recently installed a comically large umbrella on the deck, for some reason.) There's a fire burning in the corner, very pleasant on a cold evening.

Unlike the pub in Glasgow, this one does have good food. They use organic produce and natural, free-range, etc., meat. Great fish and chips, a nice big greasy bacon cheeseburger, along with some more interesting items, including the Killer (life affirming) Shrimp, and some good salads. Washington has its share of "real ale," and Harbour House has a good selection. They have a full bar, but I've never bothered with a cocktail.

It's 21 and over only, which is good and bad--we can't take the kids, but we don't have to put up with anyone else's kids either ;-) They also don't have two TVs on either side of the bar blaring out Sportscenter every minute of the day, which is kind of nice--if I want to watch TV I'll stay home. For "pub food" and the like in an all-ages format and still a killer view, Doc's down the street fits the bill. The food isn't as good, but it'll do.