Sunday, May 15, 2005

Paella with Samantha

Saturday dinner: We started with some tapas of roasted new red potatoes, roasted artichokes, and grilled spring Walla Walla onions, all served with a lovely Romesco sauce that Debbie made. Drink was La Guita sherry.

Next I made some Paella (with chorizo, mussels, clams, shrimp, chicken, peas, and piquillo peppers). For a first crack at Paella, I think it turned out pretty well. Because I was late getting home, Debbie did the actual hard work of making Sofrito. Once that's done, the paella is just basically a bunch of ingredients thrown into a pan and stirred around a bit... In the future I might make it on the BBQ over a nice big bed of coals, so that the edges cook as fast as the center. Wine was Clos de Caillou Rosé.

For dessert I made Mel i Mato with Beecher's "Blank Slate" with honey (they don't sell it plain anymore), dried strawberries from the dried fruit stand next to the pig at Pike Place, and toasted almonds, drizzled with thyme honey.