Saturday, November 11, 2006

Flying Fish and Twenty-Five for $25

This month is another Twenty-Five for $25 deal, where 25 restuarants offer a 3-course meal for $25 Sunday through Thursday, all month except Thanksgiving. Some of them offer a 3-course lunch for $12.50--a great deal. I decided to take last Wednesday off, so after the kids went off to school we took the ferry over to Seattle, and went to lunch at Flying Fish in Belltown. Flying Fish isn't a typical seafood restaurant--it's more of a bistro that serves a lot of seafood. It's got an industrial-y glass front, with an interior of concrete floors, open beams, and a mix of bright colors.

We both started with the smoked salmon cake. It's not like a crab cake adapted to salmon, but rather a patty of smoked salmon, dill, and scallions, pan-fried. It was juicy and good. It was served on a bit of fennel salad.

For a main course I had wok-blackened marlin served with a "risotto cake", wasabi cream, and baby bok choy. It was quite good. Debbie had tamarind-glazed tofu, served with a bunch of vegetables. It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't order it again.

For dessert I had a peanut butter-chocolate concoction which consisted of peanut butter cream or mousse with a layer of chocolate on top (like a ganache but harder, not sure what you call that). This dessert was great. Don't order it if you like huge desserts, because it's quite small, but rich. The chocolate and peanut butter mixed together to make a nice contrast of texture and flavor, like what you wished a Reese's was like. Debbie had the warm grappa-glazed chocolate brownie, which was good also.

A couple of people on the NWSource website didn't like the food. They also thought the $12.50 lunch had excessively small portions, but I have no idea what they're talking about. It wasn't huge pile of food, but it was certainly enough for me. I liked all of it, and the service was good. If you're expecting a "traditional fish house" go somewhere else, but if you want a moderately priced and interesting lunch, I'd try the one at Flying Fish this month.