Sunday, August 13, 2006

Family Sushi Without a Boat Ride

Sushi, as I've mentioned before, is the only food that everyone in our family will eat happily. Bainbridge Island is down to one sushi restaurant after BI Sushi closed down, and that remaining one isn't the sushi restaurant of my dreams. Their non-sushi food is pretty good, but their sushi is a little strange, like sushi made by Japanese hippies, using purple rice, squash, etc. It's also expensive, service can be slow and the servers sometimes seem irritated and put-upon, and often very crowded to the point where one can almost never get a table without a reservation. (I had the same complaints about BI sushi house, except that the sushi was good.)

A few weeks ago I was suffering the experience of being in the Kitsap Mall (nursing an injured knee) as best I could, and while my daughter shopped, I had coffee and hung out at some little cafe on the far end of the mall. I got to talking to the guy who worked there, and he mentioned that he was going to get some sushi after work. I asked him if there was anyplace good around there, and he said, yes, Origami Sushi in Silverdale. So, we tried it last week.

Origami Sushi bills itself as an "Asian Cafe," and has a large menu, with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese food. It's not high-end sushi by any means, but it's pretty good--better than Shima, a lot more low-key, cheaper, and the guy behind the sushi bar is friendly and engaging. The service in general is very friendly, and they went out of their way to make sure that our kids were happy. The sushi bar where we sat is small, but there are quite a few tables inside and out. It's going to be our default "the kids want sushi" restaurant, I think. Origami Sushi is at 9523 Silverdale Way NW in Silverdale, a couple of blocks south of the Kitsap Mall.