Thursday, December 08, 2005

Le Coude Fou

Le Coude Fou
I noticed this restaurant as I was walking around the Marais on a day when I decided that all I really wanted was a falafel, and the falafel available on the Rue des Rosiers Paris is really amazing. A couple of nights later I came back for dinner. Le Coude Fou serves simple, classic food done well, in a rustic atmosphere.

For starters, I had the Terrine de Canard avec Figues (terrine of duck with figs).
Duck Terrine with figs
Afterwards, I had Ris de Veau Grand-Mère, which is veal sweetbreads in a white sauce with vegables. The vegetables included carrots, snow peas, and wild mushrooms. These were the best sweetbreads I've ever had.
Ris de Veau Grand-Mère
For dessert I had Nougat Glacé avec Coulis de Fruits Rouges. Nougat Glacé is a soft nougat that's been frozen somewhat.
Nougat Glacé at Le Coude Fou