Monday, May 25, 2009

Pintxos in Donostia


This place was in the old quarter of Donostia aka San Sebastian. Pintxos restaurants in the U.S. tend to be run by culinary school graduates, and can be over-thought, precious and expensive. Here, they're just bars with a bunch of (good!) food on the counter. It doesn't take exquisite skill, just good ingredients and some tradition. This particular place had really good ingredients. I had one with smoked salmon and anchovy, and one with Iberian ham, roasted green pepper, and anchovy. Each item is generally betwee 1.50 euros and 2.50 euros. In some bars they hand you a plate and you take what you want, and in others, the bartender serves what you request. No table service, just take your food to a table if you don't want to eat standing up.
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