Sunday, May 17, 2009





Turns out the tapas place at which I stopped for dinner is a small chain. The other two include the one I stopped at for lunch and another one just a block from the first one, so a very local chain. This time I had a salad of goat cheese, brown heirloom tomatoes, and sunflower seeds with a honey vinagrette. Then I had some Iberian pork with green pepper sauce, which was brown and flavorful, and grilled oyster mushrooms with Catalan sausages. The last dish was not bad, but the mushrooms could have used a bit of seasoning. The photos are taken with the iPhone, they look more appealing in real life.

There are several places in Europe where you can walk into what looks like a good restaurant and be almost assured of a good meal. Most of France is like that, and much of Italy (Venice excepted). But Madrid isn't like that--there seems to be a lot of indifferent tapas, taken out of a tin and put in a microwave. Next time I go I'd want to research things more. On the other hand, I haven't had anything disappointing in Barcelona. Of course my sample size is small, so it could just be luck. Last night I went to a little place where I had some white asparagus with mayonnaise followed by grilled rabbit. All very simple and reasonably priced, but the rabbit was seasoned and cooked just right--cooked but not dry, which is easy to do with rabbit.
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