Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fun with Datalogging

It's pretty cool that for $40 you can get a USB fob (Lascar Easylog EL-USB-Lite) that will monitor temperature every 1/2 hour and let you upload and graph the data. I got a pop-up greenhouse, and here's a couple of weeks of logging from inside the greenhouse (the first bit was on my desk):
Greenhouse Temp Until 030108
We can see that the greenhouse does a good job of getting the max temperature up, maybe a little too good (got to around 100F the other day, when it got up to about 57F outside), but the minimum temperature is slightly above the outside temp as measured by the weather station at Woodward via So, time to put something with high volumetric heat capacity (water jugs? cinderblock?) inside the greenhouse, and open the vent on sunny days.