Saturday, December 10, 2005


Rudolfinum concert hall
I saw a performance at the Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague, which is an imposing neo-classical edifice, with columns soaring up to a very high ceiling. I saw Boris Krajny playing Beethoven's Moonlight sonata, Liszt's Apres une Lecture de Dante, Fantasia quasi Sonata, a couple of polkas and On The Seashore by Smetana, and a couple of mazurkas and Ballade in G Minor by Chopin. It was a good performance, although I've been on a funny jet-lag-induced schedule where I've been taking a nap in the afternoon, and then staying up late, and I didn't do that today, so if you can believe it, I started dozing off during the (very dynamic) Liszt piece. Nobody poked me in the ribs, so I guess I didn't sleep for more than a few seconds.

Beforehand I had a Czech meal: Duck, smoked pork and roasted pork, with red and white cabbage and bread dumplings. Afterward I had some hot wine from one of the stands at the old town square.