Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lola Again

Went back to Lola, a somewhat-Greek restaurant in the Tom Douglas empire. It was as good as last time. We started with the "combo" which included tsatziki, red pepper spread, grilled squid on a skewer (yum!), olives, some house-cured meat, dolmades, fried chickpeas, and warm pita. We also shared a fondue, which was sort of like dipping pita in cheesy bechamel sauce, along with a fig-leaf-wrapped grilled fig--yum again. I had sliced leg of lamb and some brussels sprouts with hunks of bacon. Debbie had a lamb kebab. Everything was great, and I ate too much. Debbie had goat milk pie with meyer lemon marmelade for dessert, and I had the loukomades (they call them "yeasted donuts with honey and walnuts" or something).